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10th Annual International Jewish Film Festival


The Jewish Community Center of the North Shore (JCCNS) is proud to announce the 10th Annual International Jewish Film Festival, which will feature a variety of carefully selected films, beginning Tuesday, May 2nd through Wednesday, May 24th. The 2023 series includes outstanding and award-winning selections, inspired by Jewish history, culture, and values. This year the JCCNS is pleased to partner with Cinema Salem as the exclusive film-viewing venue.


The festival will feature ten films, beginning with, Only in Theaters, a beautifully directed documentary film by actor/director Raphael Sbarge, on May 2.


Only in Theaters

This film is an intimate and moving (nearly) three-year journey with the Laemmle family as they face emotional challenges, losses, and personal triumphs. Four generations of Laemmles have dedicated themselves to supporting, innovating, and elevating the art of filmmaking. Responsible for bringing foreign film to Los Angeles – along with independent films, documentaries, and their filmmakers – the Laemmle Theatres' impact on Hollywood and world cinema cannot be overstated. Today, in a world of streaming and pandemic closures, the Laemmle circuit of beloved theaters faces unprecedented challenges. Filmed with close access to the Laemmles over a dramatic two years, Only in Theaters is a love letter to cinema and the moviegoing experience and a perfect way to kick off the 2023 International Jewish Film Festival. Tuesday, May 2nd, 7:00 PM @ Cinema Salem


Haute Couture

Esther is at the end of her career as Head Seamstress at Dior Avenue Montaigne workshop. One day, her handbag is stolen in the metro by a 20-year-old girl, Jade. Instead of calling the police, Esther takes Jade under her professional wing, seeing in her the opportunity to pass on her skills and what she considers her only "wealth"- the craft of dressmaking. In the frenetic world of Haute Couture, Esther gives Jade la beauté du geste, a way to reach beyond herself.

Thursday, May 4th, 1:00 PM @ Cinema Salem

(Online streaming available May 4, 5:00 PM - May 11, 5:00 PM, 2023)


June Zero

Shot in Israel and Ukraine, this stunning and thought-provoking historical drama captures a profound event in the history of the young state — a moment that dramatically changed the way in which the Holocaust is now understood and remembered, both inside and outside of Israel. This thrilling yet, at its core, empathetic and humanist film looks at the infamous trial of Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the mass extermination of Jews during the Second World War. Inspired by true events, June Zero depicts the events preceding Eichmann's execution, and approaches the important and much publicized Nazi criminal through the eyes of three participants in these events.

Sun, May 7th, 12:00 PM @ Cinema Salem



Endlessly witty, visually rapturous, and sweetly romantic, Matchmaking is a Romeo and Juliet-like saga of two young, eligible ultra-Orthodox singles looking for a perfect match. Moti spots Nechama, his sister’s friend, and is instantly smitten, but isn’t allowed to date the charming, beautiful young woman because she doesn’t come from an Ashkenazi (European origin) family like his own, but rather comes from a Mizrahi (Middle Eastern origin) family. A joyous tale about tolerance and love, Matchmaking is Israel's biggest box office hit of the year and is full of hijinks, jokes, and slapstick humor.

Wed, May 10th, 7:00 PM @ Cinema Salem

(Online streaming available May 10, 5:00 PM - May 17, 5:00 PM, 2023)


Farewell Mister Haffmann

After the Nazi occupation of Paris (1942), a talented jeweler, Joseph Haffmann, arranges for his family to flee the city and offers his employee, François Mercier, the chance to take over his store. Mercier, an ordinary man, also aspires to start a family with Blanche, the woman he loves. Faced with the German occupation, the two men will have no other choice but to conclude an agreement whose consequences, over the months, will upset the fate of all three characters.

Friday, May 12th, 1:00 PM @ Cinema Salem

(Online streaming available May 12, 5:00 PM - May 19, 5:00 PM, 2023)


Our Story

Tal is an agent full of ambition, Ori is an insecure singer. To find out who they are, they will have to find each other, overcome the differences between them and let love and music do the rest. Our Story tells the story of young adults who find, together and alone, the courage to shake off what other people think they should be in order to connect back with their dreams and passions. For the first time, they'll let only them define themselves.

Saturday, May 13th, 6:30 PM @ Cinema Salem

(Online streaming available May 13, 5:00 PM - May 20, 5:00 PM, 2023)


Lost Transport

In the spring of 1945, at the end of World War II, a group of German soldiers abandons a deportation train near a small German village occupied by the Red Army. Three of the Jewish prisoners of the train, Russian sniper Vera, village girl Winnie, and Jewish-Dutch Simone, are forced to overcome their distrust and resentment of one another and work together to survive as an unexpected friendship emerges between them in this subtle and impactful film.

Tuesday, May 16th, 1:00 PM @ Cinema Salem

(Online streaming available May 16, 5:00 PM - May 23, 5:00 PM, 2023)



A romantic drama film that follows Eli, a former champion swimmer from Israel, who is now living and giving swim lessons in Chicago. When Eli learns that his estranged father has died, he dutifully returns to Tel Aviv to sort out his father’s affairs. There he reconnects with his childhood friend and former swimming partner who is living with an Ethiopian fiancé. Eli and his old friend loathe to discuss the obvious attraction between them, as the story evolves in this lyrical and understated love triangle.

Thursday, May 18th, 7:00 PM @ Cinema Salem 

(Online streaming available May 18, 5:00 PM - May 25, 5:00 PM, 2023)



A young and childless ultraorthodox couple faces a crisis after a traumatic treatment for infertility. When the difference between good and bad is unclear, the family must deal with unresolved secrets that raise fundamental questions about religion and faith. This beautifully photographed and impressively acted film presents ultraorthodox society as complex and multifaceted and presents characters movie-watchers will believe in and care about.

Monday, May 22nd, 1:00 PM @ Cinema Salem

(Online streaming available May 22, 5:00 PM - May 29, 5:00 PM, 2023)


HALLELUJAH: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song

A feature-length documentary biographical film describing the story of singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, as seen through the prism of his internationally renowned hymn, “Hallelujah.” The film, which is based on Alan Light's book, the Holy or the Broken, weaves together three creative strands: the songwriter and his times; the song’s dramatic journey from record label reject to chart-topping hit; and moving testimonies from major recording artists for whom “Hallelujah” has become a personal touchstone. This fascinating film was nominated for Critics Choice Best Music Documentary and is not to be missed!

Wednesday, May 24th, 6:30 PM @ Cinema Salem


For complete film information, ticket pricing, and dates, please visit JCCNS.ORG.

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